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The Landlord/Tenant Initiative is sometimes referred to as the Good Landlord Program. The goal of the program is to address aspects of property management that help eliminate code violations and public nuisances while controlling and preventing illegal activity on rental properties that impact the quality of life within our neighborhoods.

Under this program, residential rental properties, including single and double family homes, boarding houses and fraternities/sororities, require a business license. However, with participation in the Landlord/Tenant program, per unit licensing fees can be discounted by up to 95%.

According to a study, rental dwellings comprise a higher percentage of calls for public safety services. The average number of calls per unit to renter-occupied single-family dwellings is 78% higher than the average number of calls to owner-occupied single-family dwellings.

In order to support the demand for public safety services to rental dwellings, higher fees are charged.   However, rather than penalize rental property owners, the City offers a discount to those who help ease the demand for services through our Good Landlord Program. The program gives landlords with rental properties an incentive for helping reduce the demand for public safety services, like police and fire, by following guidelines that promote a safe living environment.

Landlords who choose to participate in the Good Landlord Program will receive a discount, as much as 95% less than the standard fee. Some Property management companies are certified in the Good Landlord Program, if the property management company has the certification, the property owner is still eligible for the same reduction in licensing without taking the course personally.

In addition to the discount that will be given to participating members of the program, landlords are likely to have better tenants for their properties, the crime occurring at rental dwellings will be reduced, and the community will be safer as a whole.

Statistics show the program is working.  In Ogden, crimes are down 31% on Good Landlord properties.  South Salt Lake shows a decrease of 18% property crimes citywide.  West Valley has some neighborhoods that show a decrease of as much as 60% in high rental areas!  Landlords are reporting higher profits and less tenant issues, and housing complaint calls are fewer. 


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